Jane Weaver - Marc Riley Session 29-01-15

Jane Weaver in session for Marc Riley on BBC 6Music, performing tracks from her latest album The Sliver Globe. The final track was broadcast on the Gideon Coe show later the same evening.

1. Mission Desire
2. Don't Take My Soul
3. The Electric Mountain
4. Your Time In This Life Is Just Temporary



Swans - Marc Riley Session 09-12-14

Swans in session for Marc Riley on BBC 6Music. The final track was broadcast on the Gideon Coe show later the same evening.

1. Oxygen
2. A Little Boy
3. Little God In My Hands



Paul Smith & Peter Brewis - Lauren Laverne Session 20-11-14

Paul Smith (Maximo Park) and Peter Brewis (Field Music) in session for Lauren Laverne performing two tracks from their collaborative album Frozen By Sight on BBC 6Music.

1. Los Angeles Street Cleaner
2. Trevone


Slug - Marc Riley Session 18-11-14

Ian Black, formerly of Field Music, in session for Marc Riley with his new project Slug. Backed by David and Peter Brewis, Andrew Lowther and Rhys Patterson.

1. Cockeyed Rabbit Wrapped in Plastic
2. Running To get Past Your Heart
3. Eggs and Eyes/Greasy Mind
4. At Least Show Me That You Care



John Grant & The BBC Philharmonic Orchestra - Live at Salford MediaCityUK 03-10-14

John Grant performing live at Salford MediaCityUK with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra for BBC 6Music.

1. It Doesn't Matter To Him
2. Sigourney Weaver
3. Vietnam
4. Marz
5. Fireflies
6. Where Dreams Go To Die
7. Caramel
8. Glacier
9. TC and Honeybear
10. It's Easier
11. GMF
12. Pale Green Ghosts
13. Outer Space
14. You Don't Have To
15. Drug
16. Queen of Denmark


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Royal Blood - Steve Lamacq Session 29-08-14

Royal Blood in session for Steve Lamacq on BBC 6Music.

1. Ten Tonne Skeleton
2. Loose Change
3. Figure It Out



The Wytches - Nemone Session 27-08-14

The Wytches in session for Nemone on BBC 6Music, performing a track from their debut album Annabel Dream Reader, and also a B-side from the Wire Frame Mattress single.

1. Burn Out The Bruise
2. The Holy Tightrope


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The Dowling Poole - Marc Riley Session 13-08-14

Willie Dowling (Honeycrack, Jackdaw4) and Jon Poole's (Cardiacs, The Wildhearts) project The Dowling Poole in session for Marc Riley on BBC 6Music.

1. Getting A Licence to Clean
2. The Sun Is Mine
3. Saving It All For A Saturday



Cuz - Marc Riley Session 28-07-14

Mike Watt (Minutemen, fIREHOSE) and Sam Dook's (The Go! Team) collaborative project Cuz in session for Marc Riley on BBC 6Music. The final track was broadcast on the Gideon Coe show later the same evening.

1. France Gnarl
2. Houdini
3. No Bee Sting
4. Tamatebako



Avi Buffalo - Label Pop Session 23-06-14

Avi Zahner-Isenberg performing a solo acoustic session for Label Pop on France Musique Radio. Featuring tracks from forthcoming new album At Best Cuckold.

1. What’s In It For?
2. You Are Young and You'll Forget
3. Can’t Be Too Responsible
4. Summer Cum
5. So What


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